Nigerian Diaspora Movement (NDM)

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About 2 million Nigerians in the Diaspora. Joining forces with Nigerians at home to move Nigeria forward.

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Registration  of the movement and its organs

To achieve its aims and objectives.
NDM shall be operated as a mass-movement organization with Political, Social and Business arms.
All arms of NDM shall be registered in accordance to the relevant local laws wherever it is being registered, and with the permit-able aims and objectives which are derived from the broad aims and objectives of NDM.
Nigerian Diaspora Movement

About NDM

NDM is a diaspora inspired socio-political movement for the civil mobilization and economic empowerment of the Nigeria public for a new, progressive united country where patriotic leadership, transparency, rule of law, good governance, economic growth, and informed electorates mutually blend for sustainable development


  • Advocate eradication of corruption through administration of adequate penalty, equitable remuneration and economic empowerment of citizens.
  • Build knowledge-based economy, driven by skilled labour force
  • Engage in the reorientation and mobilization of the grassroots for an informed political participation and development.
  • Eradicate money politics and institute grass-root citizen engagement
  • Engage in economic empowerment of citizens from the grass-root
  • Establish accountability, transparency, rule of law and good governance as the norms in public and private institutions
Nigerian Diaspora Movement

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We Can Change Everything Together.